Pet Sit:$20

For 30-40 minutes at a time, a sitter will come to feed, water, take outside, and love on your pet. We will scoop litter, take trash outside, bring mail inside, and will bring any packages inside as well.
The price will cover all animals inside the home up to 4 animals. For 5 pets or more, there will be a charge of $5 for each additional pet.

Cat Care: $15
A sitter will come to your home scoop litter, feed, and water for 15 minutes. If you would like some TLC for your feline family or additional care or services, then consider our pet sitting service.

In-Home Pet Sitting
Per dog(+ $5 each additional dog) for a 20 minute walk in your neighborhood. 

Per dog (+ $5 each additional dog) for a 30 minute walk in your neighborhood or to a nearby park.
  *$30 for an hour walk.

*Ask about our weekly rates.
*Ask about our package deals.
Dog Walking

For 10 minutes, a sitter will come to let your dog outside for a potty break and some fresh air.

Potty Breaks
  Overnight stays :  $55

A sitter will stay at your home overnight, for no longer than 12 hours, to comfort your babies and keep them on their regular schedule while you are away.  

Baths: $10-$15 (depending on size)

Nail clips: $8

Head to tail brush out: $5

*Partain Pet Services,LLC can also care for farm animals, reptiles, avain & aquatic animals. Pricing will be established upon consultation. 

Additional Services